Morning Starr Creations

pillared Cakes
Stacked Cakes
Shaped Cakes
Colored Cakes
Creative Cakes

Flavors and Fillings

Floating Cakes Stand
The cake appears to 'float' on top of each other
Garden Cake Stand
Beautiful three tiered wrought iron stand
Sculpted Cakes
For the young at heart
Acrylic Pillars
Custom made acrylic pillars with great versatility that will separate your cakes horizontally and vertically
Cake Tree
Unique and cutting edge solid oak tree with up to seven arms, it also can be used on a table top as well
Castle Cakes
For all those who ever feel in love with fairy tales
Ocean Fun
Wisk yourself away to the beach with sun, fun, shells and more
Cupcakes Anyone?
Knock your guests out with this innovative way to offer dessert
Romance by Candlelight
What could be more amorous?

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