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Flavors and Fillings

Dark Chocolate Chunk, French Vanilla, Marble, German Chocolate, Spice, Carrot, Banana Nut, Black Forest, Cookies & Cream, Creamy Lemon, Andes Mint, Dark Chocolate Espresso and Tiramisu
*Cheesecake also available
Bavarian Creme, Chocolate Mousse, Banana or Coconut Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chunky Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Lemon, and Ollalieberry Mousse
Whipped Cream, Chocolate Whipped Cream, White Frosting, Buttercream, and Cream Cheese Frosting
*Specializing in a Whipped Cream Frosting that is non-dairy and stands up in heat

Morning Starr Creations • "The Wedding Cake Lady"
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