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Flavors and Fillings

  1. Elegant Swirl with Dragee
  2. Lavender and purple explosion
  3. Rich white chocolate curls with color
  4. Blush and lavender flower statement
  5. Romantic ‘raised dot’ top border on silver drum
  6. Free flowing roses with top compote on silver drum
  7. Ovals with dainty 3 pearl dot pattern
  8. Stunning pink rose with scroll linework
  9. Elegant scalloping and lace on silver drum
  10. Shabby shiek natural berry bliss
  11. Lovely and delicate gazebo fountain structure
  12. Mixed berry basket temptation
  13. Gorgeous lavender hexagon and round drama
  14. Illusion cake with bright blue flowers
  15. Martha Stewart Variety Full-Rose Tier

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Pillared cakes

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