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How much does the average wedding cake cost?
Remember, all bakeries will charge you by the slice. If you buy 100 slices, you will pay 100 times the cost per slice. We charge $4.25 per slice. A cake with 100 slices would then cost 100 x $4.25 = $425.
Can each tier be a different flavor?
Yes, each tier can be a different flavor with two different fillings. (ie. French Vanilla filled with Bavarian Cream and Raspberry).
Do you charge for delivery?
Our cake cost includes local delivery and set up. There is a delivery charge for locations that are approximately 20 minutes outside of iBluffton, SC.
Do you require a deposit to hold the day?
We do not require a deposit to hold the day. We do, however, require a verbal confirmation of your order to book your date. After that, we require payment of 1/2 of the total cake cost one month prior to the wedding date, and we require payment of the remaining balance one week prior to the wedding date. See the Terms of Contract page for further information.
What if we don't know how many people we will have?
We use your best approximation to calculate the cost of the deposit paid one month prior to the wedding date. Then, we use your final count to factor the remaining balance into your final payment due at least one week prior to the designated date.
When do we need to book you?
You can book us for weddings over one year in advance so you are never too early. Most people book about 2 to 6 months in advance, but it is always good to make sure all your vendors are available and you have reserved space for your event prior to booking.
How soon do you book up?
It is always good to secure a date as early as possible but we often take multiple orders for the same day and try our best never to turn anyone away.
What size cake do I need to feed 100 people?
Our Serving Data Sheet shows you a breakdown of how many people a certain cake will feed. You have the freedom to choose which cake you prefer from various small cakes or one large cake. If you order a cake that serves more than 100 people, you'll get your 6" top cake (the one you celebrate with later) free.
Many people love to mix shapes and sizes. If you stack them directly on top of each other, make sure you allow some space as a ledge between the layers, a 4" gap is best. This gives you a 2" perimeter around the cake to place flowers or decorations. (ie. 14" bottom layer, 10" middle layer, and a 6" top layer)
Who does the flowers on the cake and table?
We love doing cake flowers ourselves. We can work with you to discuss your design ideas and pull them together into a personal arrangement. You may also choose from one of the many wonderful florists out there. We work with them often and coordinate times and delivery as needed. We'd be happy to give you a flower bid or coordinate with your florist.
Do we need a knife and cake server?
Yes, you do need a knife and cake server for slicing the cake and taking pictures. Some sites provide them, but most don't. You can rent the knife and cake server from me for $5. I also rent toasting goblets for $5. See the Terms of Contract page for further information.
Can you make a cake from a picture I saw in a magazine?
We love to duplicate cakes designs. Remember, it will not be an exact replica but we can discuss the complexities of the project and create a cake to the best of our ability.
What if my cake will be outside in the heat of summer? Will it melt?
It depends. We like to use non-dairy products like our whipped cream frosting for those events because dairy will immediately soften and melt in the summer heat. These products are also our most popular sellers. But, if you love the taste of dairy frosting like buttercream, which contains pure butter and sugar, you can get it as a filling. This way you get the same great taste without the mess. If you still prefer a non-dairy frosting, we have a white frosting that is heavier, thicker, and sweeter than the whipped cream frosting.
Do you charge more for harder designs?
Not normally. Our linework prices run the same. A basketweave is the same as a swiss dot design. We do however, charge more for cake components, added structures, added handmade flowers/accents etc.. Call for a specific price quote.
Do people really save their cake top for a year?
No, most people do not follow that tradition any more. More often, they will eat it that night, at the end of the honeymoon, or at a month anniversary.
What is a groom's cake? Do I need one?
The definition has changed over the years, it has now come to represent something about the groom; a hobby, profession, etc. Something to symbolize what he loves and to celebrate it.
What is a "charm-pull" or "ribbon-pull"?
Again, a Southern tradition, small tokens or charms, attached to ribbons, are placed between the layers. Before the bride and groom cut the cake, the bridesmaids gather so that each can pull a ribbon, claiming a charm that hold the promise of her future (love will come, lucky in life, next to marry...) Charms can be purchased from a jewelry store, or from ads in bridal magazines.


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