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Flavors and Fillings

  1. Simple Classic smooth stacked rounds
  2. Classic Wrapped Presents w/ Fondant Bow
  3. Simply classic rose swag and columns
  4. 3 Pearl Dot Stacked Squares w/ Round Top
  5. Burgeoning floral and grape ecstasy
  6. Stacked cakes with aquarium inserts lined with chocolate shells
  7. Wonderful floral illusion
  8. Contemporary square and round silver bliss
  9. Brilliant. Simple.
  10. Classic Ivy with Pink Rose Trail
  11. Lattice Design on Hexagon and Round Cake
  12. Bright flower and shell mix
  13. Overflowing Icing Roses
  14. Bright Gerber daisies on stacked ovals
  15. Old-Fashioned with 3 Different Cake Designs
  16. Silver present and passion

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Stacked Cakes

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